What To Know About GOLD PRICES!

Thousands of years ago, a small child finds a shiny rock in a stream, and suddenly we are introduced to gold. Gold quickly became a part of culture. Its natural beauty and luster made it ever so desirable – and it still is today!

The defining characteristics of gold are that it is inert and malleable. Essentially this means that gold lasts forever because it doesn’t tarnish and even the strongest acids have no effect. This creates very high value for gold, and the price of gold often fluctuates based on the economy.

The price of gold tends to rise when the economic atmosphere is anxious. Whether the economy is suffering from inflation or deflation, gold has the ability to maintain or build value. While gold does have many industrial uses, its main historical uses have been for jewelry and money.  Gold is measured and quoted in Troy Ounces and Grams.

To get a better idea of the value gold has maintained, think about the fact that 2000 years ago one ounce of gold would buy a fine outfit. Today, one ounce of gold will get you the same plus enough left over to buy a few shirts, accessories, a pair of shoes and a belt! This is why people sell gold!

Palisade Jewelers loves gold and enjoys providing beautiful gold jewelry to customers. Palisade Jewelers can appraise any piece of jewelry to determine value and there are always buyers available in our stores to buy gold in NJ from you, as well as rare or important jewelry and watches.

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What To Know Before You Shop For An Engagement Ring

Before you dive into browsing engagement ring styles, there are a few important things to consider. You have to set a budget. Name the price you want to spend, and this will help you narrow down choices and will also keep you from plunging into debt however worth it she might be! The next thing you need to figure out is her ring size. If she has a ring that she wears on her ring finger, use a ring sizer to compare her ring to sizes. If you can manage to sneak it off without your girlfriend noticing, bring it in to Palisade Jewelers and they will happily size it for you!


Once you have completed your preliminary work and you know your budget and your girlfriends size, you are ready to get into ring style. Believe it or not, she can unknowingly help you out with what is already in her jewelry box. Look at the styles of the rings she wears frequently. Steer clear of jewelry she wears only for special occasions. After all, she will be wearing it everyday! Does she wear yellow gold, white gold or platinum? Does she prefer bigger stones or smaller ones? Don’t assume she will want the biggest stone the store sells! Is the jewelry she owns classic, or does it have a more modern and bold look? Does she love all things vintage?


If your girlfriend suspects a proposal is coming, or if she is dreaming of the day, she will probably drop hints on her likes and dislikes. Pay attention if she points out a friend’s ring, or notices a ring in the window during a shopping trip. This is another time to gather information on the size, shape and color of stone. Be sure to notice if she is pointing something out in awe or in disgust!


Since the ring will be going on her hand and will no doubt be an attention getter for her family and friends, you don’t want the ring to look awkward on her hand. Are her hands tiny? If so, an oversized ring might look even larger. You also want to consider the shape of her fingers. Longer fingers wear bold styles well whereas short fingers look better in an oval or marquis shape.

The most important thing to remember is that women are unique, so the ring should be too! If you want to know more, reach out to us at Palisade Jewelers.

Restoring Your Silver Jewelry

Nothing tarnishes a cherished memory more than seeing your precious silver jewelry begin to go off color.

If your beautiful silver piece or family heirloom is starting to turn brown, there is no need to panic. It may be possible to restore your jewelry to its former luster. Here are some simple tips on how to restore minor blemishes:

1) First, gather silver polish, cotton swabs & cotton balls, nitrate gloves, a sponge, and a microfiber towel (to prevent scratching).

2) Next, while wearing the gloves, gently rinse your silver piece under cool water. You want to remove any particles of loose dirt.

3) Then, dry the piece with the towel.

4) After that, pour a small amount of silver polish onto the sponge and gently rub a section of the jewelry with left to right or up and down motions. Rinse off the polish and start again every 30 seconds or so until this portion of the jewelry is clean of tarnish, then move on to another section. Use the cotton swabs (with polish) to get to difficult sections or etched/engraved areas.

5) Finally, soak some cotton balls in warm water and gently wipe down the silver, then pat dry with the towel.

The process can take a long time, so be patient! And remember, your precious jewelry is always better off in the hands of an expert. If you are unsure of what you are doing, save the cleaning for those of us who do this for a living!

To find out about how we can restore your jewelry, visit the Palisade Jewelers webpage or find Palisade Jewelers on Facebook.

Jewelry Care 101

Whether it was a gift, a family heirloom or a present to yourself, if you have nice pieces of jewelry, you should cherish them. That means taking proper care of them so that they stay nice so you can wear them for many years to come. Palisade Jewelers has put together some tips for caring for your jewelry!

Take it Off: When you’re doing things that can potentially damage your jewelry like housework, swimming and manual labor, you should take off your jewelry! Another good idea is to buy a ring dish or jewelry box that you can regularly put your jewelry in so that you know where it is every time you take it off and this way it is less likely to be misplaces while it’s off.

Clean it: Just like you wash your car, or clean the house to keep everything looking great, you should also clean your jewelry! Be gentle when cleaning your jewelry! If you clean too hard you can cause more harm than good. It is also important to remember that though there are cleaning solutions on the market that can be helpful, bleach is something you never want to use. Bleach can go beyond damage and actually ruin your jewelry, so make sure you never let it in contact with your jewelry. Remember also to use warm water instead of hot water to clean, as hot water can cause unsightly discoloration.

Repair it: If you find a piece of jewelry needs repair, try to have it repaired quickly. Some damage can get worse if you wait to repair them, making a small problem a bigger one. If you find a problem with a piece of jewelry, bring it in to us at Palisade Jewelers! We have a great team of professionals ready to repair your jewelry and watches so that they look as good as new!

Keep Your Jewelry Separate: Get a jewelry box or drawer with many sections and compartments so that you each piece of jewelry has its own spot. Necklaces and Bracelets can get tangled easily when mixed together!

If you love jewelry, it is probably very precious to you, and therefore it is precious to us! Palisade Jewelers can not only set you up with a great gift or your next piece of jewelry, but we also perform repairs, appraisals and we buy gold. “Like” us on Facebook for more information on the jewelry shop as well as more tips and updates!

Tips for a Romantic Valentine’s Day

If you celebrate Valentine’s Day, you probably want it to be as memorable and special as possible. Sometimes it can be difficult to think of new and exciting romantic ideas, especially if you have spent many Valentine’s Days together. Have no fear, Palisade Jewelers has some great Valentine’s Day tips for you!

  • Create your own Valentine’s Day card! Whether you make it on your computer, or get crafty, you can write a poem or an expression of love that expresses your personality and relationship perfectly.
  • Make a scrapbook filled with favorite photographs, love letters, keepsakes from special occasions, and cherished mementos. Whether you’re making this for a husband, boyfriend or wife or girlfriend, this is a special gift sure to be appreciated and cherished.
  • Make your loved one a CD of your favorite songs as a couple including love songs that you both enjoy listening to even if they aren’t necessarily “your songs.” You can also buy a collection of romantic CDs, classic romantic movies or books and present them all together in a red ribbon.
  • Jewelry is always a classic Valentine’s Day gift. Necklaces or earrings are great choices for women and for your man, a good choice is the classic sterling silver ID bracelet or cuff links with his name or initials custom-engraved.
  • Place one silk flower in a bouquet of flowers. On the card say something like “I will love you until the last flower wilts.”
  • Prepare a candlelight dinner for your special someone. If you both enjoy dessert, make chocolate fondue! It’s fun, romantic and easy to make!
  • Give the sports fan in your life a personalized gift for a favorite hobby such as personalized golf or tennis balls that say, “I love you,” “You’re a hit!” or “Be mine.”
  • Spend time alone together. If you are both busy, or have children, chances are you probably don’t get a lot of quality alone time. Look for a romantic restaurant or weekend getaway spot to make your Valentine’s Day an unforgettable one.

This Valentine’s Day is sure to be one you will never forget if you take the time to consider your special someone and give them a gift they’ll never forget. For more great ideas, be sure to follow us on Facebook!

Engraved Jewelery Can Send the Perfect Message

Jewelry is a great gift by itself, but when you add the personalization that an engraving can offer, the gift becomes even more special. However, selecting the right item and the right message is not always easy. You want the gift to be as special as you intended it to be when you chose to order personalized jewelry. That’s why we offer this simple guide to giving the best engraved jewelery you can:


When choosing the piece you wish to gift, consider the person. Does your loved one wear all types of jewelry, or mostly one or two specific kinds such as rings and bracelets, or just necklaces? If you buy someone a necklace who only wears earrings, no matter how beautiful the necklace is, it won’t be right for that person.

Once you have chosen the right jewelry for your special someone, you can start to create the perfect message to engrave.


If you’re going to take the extra step and order a piece of personalized jewelry, you should also carefully choose or write the message. You want to choose something personal for the two of you, or something special among the family.

First decide whether you want matching engravings, a solo engraving or separate messages for each piece. Matching engravings can be ideal for a couple, mother -daughter, father-son or sibling gift. The message can be complete on each piece, or you can try something more unique. We suggest a message that begins on one piece and is completed on another.

You might want to consider getting something funny. The message does not always have to be romantic or sentimental; it can be something that will make the recipient smile or laugh whenever read. Before choosing a funny engraving, be sure your special someone will appreciate the humor.

Latin engravings can be a unique way to say what you want. It can also be a way to keep your message more private between you and your loved one. A tip for engravings in another language: be sure your message is accurate before having it engraved.

Do you have the perfect words, but you didn’t come with them? That’s okay! A special quote can be the perfect way to express your feelings, especially if you and the recipient both hold the quote close to your hearts. Think about a quote from a favorite poem, movie or person that explains the way you feel.

If you’re still finding it difficult to get the perfect piece of personalized jewelry for your loved one, ask one of the folks here at Palisade Jewelers and we’ll be happy to help!

How To Test Your Gold

At Palisade Jewelers, one of our specialties is buying and collecting estate jewelry, diamonds, watches, and other items made of precious metals. If you’re getting ready to sell your jewelry, or you’re just curious, there are many different ways to test your pieces to determine if the gold is real right from your own home. Here are just a few of them:

Inspect high friction areas for discoloration. On necklaces it would usually be around the clasp. Discoloration happens because the gold coloring gets rubbed off. Now for a very new piece of jewelry like that brand new necklace, this test won’t show anything, but on estate jewelry, or pieces you’ve had for a while discoloration will indicate it isn’t gold.

Next hold the necklace next to a magnet. If your necklace is attracted to the magnet it is not real. Gold is not magnetic. So it shouldn’t move at all when next to a magnet. However just because it doesn’t move doesn’t mean it is gold. Some necklaces are now made of non-magnetic materials.

Check the density. Density is the mass of the material divided by the volume, so you will need a calculator, a metric measuring cup and a scale that measures in grams. Place a set volume of water in the measuring cup. Generally 100mL is best as it will cover the gold. Drop the gold in and mark the level of the water. Subtract 100mL. Next dry off the gold and weigh it. Divide the weight in grams by the volume in milliliters. If the answer you get is close to 19.3, you most likely have real gold. However, remember you will not be exact.

The scratch test. Get a piece of unglazed ceramic material. The underside of a tile works best. Scratch your new necklace on it. Don’t worry! It won’t hurt the necklace. If the mark is black, it isn’t gold. Gold will only leave a yellow mark.

Test by using Nitric Acid. This test might be difficult at home. However, you can bring it to expert gold buyers in New Jersey, and we would be happy to perform this test for you.

The Rough Density test. This is definitely not exact, but it will give you a good idea of what you have. Compare the weight of the necklace to something that you know is real gold. It needs to be roughly the same size. If there is a noticeable difference it might be fake.
If you’re looking to clean out your jewelry box, or to make some extra cash for the holidays, bring in your jewelry and Palisade Jewelers will be happy to test it for you and meet or beat any price offered! “Like” us on Facebook for more information and news!

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Get Healthier!

The New Year is here and you know what that means – New Year’s Resolutions for 2014! We bet a big goal for a lot of you is to get in shape for the new year. Now is the perfect time to make a resolution to yourself and work hard at keeping it. We know how important it is to be healthy and to stay fit — you want your luxury watches and jewelry to fit, after all — so we’re sharing some New Year’s Resolutions for diet and exercise this year.

Making resolutions for the New Year is a great way to get off to a good start. Make 2014 your year for change with some of these helpful New Year’s Resolutions!

  • I will adjust my attitude this year. Getting healthy is a lifestyle change and something that you want, it shouldn’t feel forced or like a punishment.
  • I will exercise for __ minutes, __ times per week. Make a promise to yourself that you can stick to; don’t resolve to work out for 2 hours a day, 7 days a week if you can’t.
  • I will change my eating habits. You can eat more if you choose healthier foods!
  • I will go slow. Don’t start something huge and make a complete change because you are more likely to feel deprived and get discouraged.
  • I will drink more water. Water is filling and healthy!
  • I will choose more colorful fruits and veggies. The more colorful the produce, the healthier it is!
  • I will not eat out of boredom or because I am feeling emotional. Do something else with your hands, chew gum or brush your teeth to distract yourself.
  • I will make changes with a buddy! Getting healthy with a buddy will encourage you to work harder.
  • I will focus on the positive rather than the negative. When you see how far you’ve come rather than how much farther you have to go you’ll be more encouraged.
  • I will quit smoking! This will not only help your body to get healthier, but quitting will make it easier to exercise as well!
  • I will keep a food journal. Keeping a food journal will help you to see what your bad habits are so you can change them.

It is tradition to make New Year’s Resolutions each year, but do you follow through with them? 2014 is the year to make changes to a healthier you! Make your resolution something that you can look back and be proud of what you’ve done!

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Gold 101: Everything you Need to Know

Gold is one of the most valuable of all the metals. It is not only treasured for the worth of the metal, but it is given as gifts to celebrate many occasions around the world. People also use it in jewelry making, and in their crafts and projects. This means we want to make sure the gold is good quality and stays in good condition. There are a few different ways to test gold as well as ways to care for those gifts you have been given and hold so close to your heart.

There are different options when considering buying gold. You have most likely heard or seen 14K and 18K etched in rings and necklaces. Do you really know what that means? Gold alloys are measured by karats. A karat is a unit that measures 1/24 of pure gold. So, 24 karat (24K) gold is pure gold, while 18 karat gold is 18 parts pure gold and 6 parts other metal.

Testing Gold

When you are in the market for a piece of gold jewelry, there is definitely the possibility of purchasing fake gold or gold of a low quality. Palisade Jewelers wants you to know exactly what you’re getting, and that is why we have put together a checklist for you.

1)  Don’t be afraid to try this first test; it is effective. Rub the piece of jewelry across a piece of unglazed porcelain tile. If the jewelry leaves a black streak, it is not gold but rather pyrite. You want to see a golden yellow streak. Unglazed porcelain tile can be found at a hardware store, or ask Gold Fever to perform the test in store.

2)  Gold can be measured by hardness. Try to scratch a piece of glass with the piece of gold. If it scratches the glass, it is definitely not gold, or is of very low purity. If it does not scratch the glass, you most likely have a piece of jewelry that is good quality.

3)  Here is an easy test to try anywhere. Take a magnet and hold it near the piece of gold. If the magnet attracts the piece, then there are other metals mixed in the gold and it not pure gold.

Caring for your Gold

Whether it was a gift from your mom, husband or yourself, your jewelry is important to you. It is equally important to care for your gold. Here are some tips to keep your gold looking beautiful:

1)  Take off your gold. Don’t wear your jewelry all the time. Take it off when you feel comfortable, and this will automatically extend the life and look of your gold as wearing it constantly will cause it to break down sooner.

2)  When you take off your gold, store it in a jewelry box and keep your pieces separate. Don’t pile all of your pieces into one compartment of your jewelry box. This way they won’t become scratched or tangled.

3)  Make sure the jewelry is dry when you put it away since moisture can cause clasps to weaken over time.

4)  Wash your gold with soapy water and a soft toothbrush. Use warm water to clean and a lint free cloth to dry your jewelry. You can also use a nonabrasive jewelry cleaner, but check before using a cleaner on jewelry with a gem stone.

Selecting and caring for your gold is an important process. These tips should help you choose and maintain find pieces of jewelry. If something should happen to a piece of your jewelry, Palisade Jewelers in New Jersey can repair it for you.

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What Does Your Watch Say About You?

Watches have come a long way. Once they were a thing of pure function. Now, they are status symbols. Sure, we use our watches to tell time, but we also use them to make a statement. From the brand to the face, your watch can say a lot about your personality and style. Palisade Jewelers loves watches — we specialize in them, after all — and we want to see you in the right one. We has compiled some watch profiles to give you a better look at what that watch is saying about you.

  • Brand – The brand of your watch can say a lot. Rolex and high fashion watches definitely give the impression of success, while the Casio G-Shock says function. A Rolex might mean you are on your way to an important meeting, but the G-shock can say you are on your way to golf, fish or jog.
  • Fashion – A simple classic watch that pairs well with most clothes could mean you are less fashion conscious than the person who has luxury watches to go with each outfit.
  • Face – A simple face with only the basic clock could mean you only wear your watch to work and just keep it as a backup in case your cell phone dies or you are trapped in a meeting room with no clock. A face with a compass or different time zones might say you are a traveler. You need that watch to stay connected with your time and place wherever you are.
  • Digital Vs. Analogue – A digital watch might give the impression that you are a busy person. It might also say that you like convenience. You don’t want to have to take the extra moment to read the hands of a clock, you want and need an instant broadcast of the time. It could also mean you are into technology. Analogue watches might give the impression that you like things classic and you don’t mind and can afford to take the extra moment to check the hands of your watch.
  • Band – The style and size of your band can say a lot about functionality and fashion. A leather band could mean you like things comfortable and classic. You probably pair a lot with your leather watch, and you like it that way. A gold or silver linked band could mean you are going for fashion in your watch. It might also say that you like jewelry and want to dress up your accessories. A thick band is a bold choice, and therefore you might be a bold person who likes making a statement. A thin band could indicate you use your watch simply for function and don’t care to draw attention to it. Of course, it can also just mean you have a small wrist!

Have you ever wondered why you hesitate when buying a watch?  With everything your watch can say about you, it is no wonder why we take our time to pick out the perfect one. Consider whether you want your watch to be fashionable or just functional. Think about your most frequent fashion choices and whether or not the watch would blend well. Do you find yourself glancing quickly at your watch or does it offer you a moment to take a breath and check the time? Most importantly, follow your instinct when you pick out a watch. If you need any assistance, come to Palisade Jewelers to find luxury watches in New Jersey. We are more than happy to help you select the perfect watch. And be sure to follow us on Facebook!